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We received the following comments from the client, “I wanted to pass along some positive feedback we received today. Please let María know how appreciative we are of her efforts.”
“I just wanted to pass on to you (so you can pass on to ServiceMaster) how much we appreciate María.  This week we received a compliment from an individual who was on a tour.. They commented on how clean and nice the outside tables were. I know María wipes down the tables and chairs every morning. She does a fantastic job in and around the building. And we appreciate her smile everyday!  Thank you.”
Every night Cesar hauls the trash to the dumpster which is several blocks from the building.  On the night of December 19, during the snowstorm, César made his way to the dumpster so that the client would not have it in their building the next day, even though it meant trudging through snow several inches deep while carrying the trash several blocks. 
César found many signed checks in a trash can on the 3rd floor and turned them in.
José found a building badge in the basement.  He put it on the main reception desk (security).
Ricardo and Nancy We received this note from the client after they helped out with a water problem in a restroom, “Please let Ricardo and Nancy know they did a great job with the water last Thursday. They were already trying to get it under control and had called to notify maintenance even before it had stopped. It was late before I could respond Thursday and I was not in on Friday. They did a great job!  
José Isabel, Carmen, Roberto and Edy On December 19, during the snowstorm, this team cleared a path in the snow from the main building to the other building so that they took get the scrubber there to leave the floor as the client likes it to be.  They did this on their own initiative.  Carlos and Hector found out about it because they were arriving to the building when the team was bringing the scrubber back to the main building. 
Víctor found some cash in an office.  He saw the bills as soon as he was entering the office, and immediately he walked out and called the building supervisor and Manuel, who went to check on this.  Manuel picked up the bills and counted them, making a total of $140 (7, $20 bills), and put them in an envelope that we sealed and put under his keyboard.
Víctor found a $5 bill in the hallway and turned it in.
Paula found the cash box not locked and the key in it. She closed it and reported it. 
Juan found some kind of a message pad and returned it.
When Juan arrived one night, he found the water left on in the sink area back where the cooking is done.  The water was going right to the drain he said and there was not any of it on the carpet.  He shut it off. 
Paula found the cash box standing wide open again last night– the key was in it and the box was open.  She closed it and left the key in it. 
 We received this note from a client in a new suite, “I introduced myself to Guadalupe this evening.  I have seen her before but never got the chance to speak with her.  I just want to tell you that she is always very polite and she does such a thorough job.  Please convey my appreciation to her. Thank you.”

We received the following 2 comments from the client, “I just wanted to let someone know that the new cleaning lady at our office is wonderful.  She cleans things very thoroughly and is always on the go…She just makes our day better by being here.  I am not sure of her name but I know I have been running into her cleaning the break room around 1:00pm everyday here in our office. Thanks for sending us such a gem!”
“I had been holding on to this until the next time the cleaning company stopped in to visit, but I’m afraid I’ll forget it when they come.  So, thought I’d pass along to you now.
‘The staff has been very pleased with the new person and say she is doing a great job! How do we let the cleaning company know that the new lady we have cleaning during the day is fabulous?   She cleans everywhere and is always on the move…really focused on doing a good job.’”
We received this comment from the engineer recently after there was a power outage at the building.  “I would like to compliment the cleaning lady for staying at the building and waiting for the power to come back on instead of just going home.”
Abnan found a vending machine hanging open and reported it then taped it shut.  We received the following comment from the client, “I stopped by, and we found a couple of long pieces of scotch tape holding the snack machine door closed. So thank you for that.”
Abnan found a cell phone and turned it in. 
 Dionicio found a ring in the restroom and turned it in. 
Gabriel found a pair of glasses in the main lobby by entrance door.
Ana found keys in the trash can and returned them.  
We received the following comment from the client, “Just a quick note - this morning when we came in the center was literally sparkling.  It even smelled nice (more so than usual I mean).  In 7 years of managing plasma centers, ServiceMaster is the first janitorial company I have been 100% satisfied with.  I definitely love the high degree of follow-up and communication from Ester and the rest of the team, but I especially love María.  It is a breath of fresh air to have someone who I don't have to worry about if they are doing their job right.  I tell her when I see her how appreciative we all are, but I thought I should tell you too.”
We receive the following comment from the client, “I'm not sure if you remember, but the janitors sinks upstairs and in the basement were a hot button item with us.  As I was walking around the basement to see where all the water was, I happened to notice the basement utility sink.  It’s seriously probably clean enough to eat out of.  I have enclosed a pic for your enjoyment.  As always, thank you. I love working with ServiceMaster!”
We received the following note from the client, “I just wanted you to know that I find Dale to be our "unsung hero."  He goes about his job effortlessly, pleasantly, and always extends or returns a "hello" and uses my name as well.  I don’t necessarily get that from my fellow employees!!!!  I appreciate him for what he does and who he is and just wanted to share my feelings.   Kudos to Dale.”
A client had a couple of break-ins over Labor Day weekend and the burglars left a big mess behind.  We received a call asking for our help with the clean up.  Manuel made several calls to try and get help, which was tough since it was a holiday weekend.  He ended up getting help from José and Rigoberto. Once they got there, it was a big mess and they had to work 12 hours to get it cleaned up.  The clean up included cleaning up broken glass, moving furniture out of the building and then moving it back in, and several other tasks that are not usually part of our “cleaning” tasks, even for floaters.
José found a cell-phone and turned it in.
We received the following comment from the client after they received some very positive feedback from patients about the cleanliness of their restrooms.  “We have recently received several comments from the clients about her work, including a letter and the following:  ‘We have a big push on customer service.  Thought you would want to see the attached card about the day porter. We had a patient and wife comment today how nice and clean our restroom is. They have been to several different clinics and hospitals that were not this clean.  Thanks!’”  
We received the following note from the client, “Wanted you to know that I had a chance to meet our ServiceMaster person – Lisa on an evening I was working way too late!  What a sweetie!  She could not have been nicer.  We left cookies for her following our open house last week.  It feels now like she is part of our team!  Just wanted you to know what a great job she does both with her work and with her excellent customer service attitude.”
We received the following note from the client, “We wanted to give Kudos to Istar and Blanca that work with us. On Friday, they found some information that was thrown in the trash that should not have been there and reported it to Theresa immediately.  We are always very impressed with their professionalism!  They are very observant, hard workers and a joy to work with.  Please pass along our praise to all, as well as the girls themselves.  Thank you!”
Edgar found a cell phone in the second floor break room and we put it on the engineer’s desk with a note. 
Carlos found a women’s wallet behind the garbage can of an office, and returned it.
Maura Cardenas and Tara Swackhammer (Client Relations Managers), Jasmín (Dayporter), and Edgar s, Javier and Carlos – We received the following note from the client, “Maura just stopped by and we did a walk through.  We went and checked out the work done last night and they did a great job!!!!!  BTW, I told Maura how great of a job they do at night!!!  I usually run into a guy (who I believe is the supervisor) and he always says Hi and is quick to respond to anything I ask of him!!   We did a walkthrough and checked areas we might have issues and they all looked GREAT!!!!!  So thanks for that!  I also want to let you know, Jasmine does a great job also!!  I know the language thing can be a hurdle at times but it’s really no big deal when the job is getting done as well as it is.  We can work through the language thing.  Now to top things off and put the icing on the cake, it is GREAT having someone like you to call along with having Maura out in the field making sure all of our needs are met  I never have to question if things will get done or not, I know you two will have it taken care of!!!  I am REALLY lucky to have such a GREAT team working for me!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!”
Donarene received a call from Rod, the facility manager, letting her know that Andrea does an outstanding job for them each and every day.  Her positive attitude and willingness to work hard each and every day is appreciated by everyone. 
Guadalupe found an access badge and returned it.  
Vilma found a pair of glasses in the office and returned them.
Vilma found a credit master card on 4th floor administrative area and returned it.
Vilma found a Mifi  on the 4th floor executive area, in the library and returned it.
We received the following note from the client, “Tara, I have to share this, one of our employees was having a VERY stressful day yesterday and inadvertently threw money away literally!  Whoever was cleaning last night put the $2.00 plus receipt back on her desk.  KUDOS to them – please tell them thank you very much and that we greatly appreciate their ethical behavior. 

We received the following note from the client, “Just wanted to let you know that we've noticed a big (good!) difference in the cleaning lately, and Suzanne and I both commented and were delighted when we came in this morning to see that the windows had been cleaned.  That hadn't been done in a LONG time!  I just met Abel from ServiceMaster when he stopped in to introduce himself and inquire if there is anything special that we would like him to do.  Wow!  That's fantastic!   Please pass on our appreciation of Abel's excellent skills and service And please keep Abel in our building! Thanks!”
We received this note from the client, “I just wanted you to know that I am getting some good comments on our new cleaning person, Abel.  The feedback that I am getting is he is very thorough, detailed, cares about cleanliness, goes the extra mile, and we are glad he speaks English so well that we can communicate with him.  I know you have only been hearing negative things, but I thought you should know we feel our new guy is doing a great job!! Thanks!!”
Sergio found a building access card in the lower level and returned it.

Jesús found a cell phone in the 2nd floor, east side women’s restroom and returned it.
We received the following comment from the client, “Your team does an outstanding job for us!  I really appreciate them.  I have always felt good leadership and respect to the hard working crew wins every time!  Again, thank you and please do share with the crew!”
Luz found a credit card and turned it into security.
Ester was informed that around Christmas, they had the dishwasher full of dirty items and that our contact person had assigned one day to go back to the office to get them  taken care of. When that day came, she was surprised to find the dishwasher clean and all the dishes were put away knowing that we had been cleaning the night before.  Arcela and Evelin had done it. The client was very happy and asked us to thank the ladies for her.  
We received this note from the client, “Please relay a great big "THANK YOU!!" to our cleaning crew for going above and beyond in their cleaning duties Sunday night.  I found they had washed all the dirty dishes that had accumulated in our kitchen sink during the week.  We didn't have time to get them washed before the weekend.  I came in early this morning with every intention of washing them only to find them done.  What a nice surprise to start my Monday.  They are my heroes!!”
Sharon  found a $10 bill by the nurse’s station and a debit card in the break room. Both items were put in the reception desk.
Ingris found a cell phone in the lobby and turned it in.
One of the employees put the wrong kind of dishwashing soap in the dishwasher and it flooded the suite with suds, etc. Ingris came to the rescue.
Ingris found a $400 cell phone and returned it.

Ingris found a woman’s purse and returned it.
Margarita found a credit card in one of the restrooms, and put it in a safe place.
Víctor  found a key ring with several keys on it in the surgery suite. We put it on the main reception desk in this suite.

Dianed  found an access card in the reception desk garbage can. We left it under the reception desk phone.
 We received the following comment from the client, “She is very pleasant and sweet!!”

Alfredo found a gold ladies chain with pendant and returned it.  
Fernando found a wallet in the outside garbage container and turned it in. 

Gerardo found a debit card in the men’s locker room and returned it.
Gerardo found a cap and a ring in the second floor training room and returned them. 
Agnes found a $5 bill and turned it in.
Patricia found a jacket in room G at 247 and turned it in.
Eva found a gold ring in the restroom and returned it.

Patricia helped clean up a water leak from the roof – when the engineer on call arrived, he asked her for a mop and she told him she’d do it – he was very impressed with that – she didn’t act bothered by having to do it; she was happy to help. 
 Patricia In Suite #347 the room #6 is always locked.  On Friday night when Patricia got there to clean, she found this room wide open plus the keys were in the lock. She locked the room and put the keys on the receptionist’s desk.
Patricia One night at the end of her shift, Patricia Garcia noticed that the sliding doors in the south side of the building were not locked (she walked next to them and they opened automatically).  Security is in charge of locking/shutting off these doors. Patricia locked the south doors and even though she was already clocked out and she had to go and pick her kids up from the babysitter, she went back and walked around the building to make sure every outside door was locked and secure.  She went home a few minutes before 2:00 am. She reported that there was a power outage in the building and that maybe that caused the doors to malfunction.
Armando found a small wallet and returned it.
Javier found a Medicaid card; we put it on the reception desk.

 Dania found a cell phone in. We put it on the reception desk with a note.
Javier found a woman’s wallet containing credit cards, cash (around $18) and a drivers license; we returned it.
Javier found a checkbook and returned it.
María found a pair of glasses in the atrium and we put them in the engineer’s office.
Mari In the 6th floor elevator lobby, she found a pair of sunglasses sitting on the garbage can top; we put them on the engineer's desk.
Javier  In the lobby/waiting area of suite 308 he found a black plastic box apparently containing medicines; he put it on the reception desk away from patients’ hands.
Javier  found a purse in the waiting room in suite 300 and returned it.
Javier found a check in the lobby area of suite 408 at Methodist Plaza and turned it in. 

David, Sandra and Karen helped clean up a big water. 

Karen found a Walgreen’s bag with some new items inside (batteries, eye shadow) and returned it.

 Silvia found a laptop computer in the atrium and turned it in.
We received this note after Silvia returned a cell phone she found, “ServiceMaster turned in a black Samsung cell phone that was found in one of the women’s restrooms on the second floor. Thanks,”
“Another BIG THANK YOU to the Service Master Team!”
Fidel found some kind of registration card and turned it into security.
Alberto found someone’s driver’s license out by the dumpster and looked for her and returned it – she was very happy. 
Fidel found a pair of sunglasses and returned them.

Leonardo We received the following note from the client, “Did you send someone over to mop our water up? Just curious because the room is totally cleaned up and looks wonderful. I wanted to take this opportunity to express thanks from our whole group to ServiceMaster employee, Leonardo. He works so hard to keep our building clean and is the nicest most considerate person. He just goes out of his way to clean and make the area nice. He always has a smile and pleasant word for whomever he passes. We really appreciate his hard work and efforts.  Thanks.”

 Fidel and Saul had to move all the trash one night from one building to another because the trash compactor was not working.  It took a lot of time and was hard work to push those carts the distance they needed to
Olmedo found a cell phone on 1st floor in room A and turned it into security.

José Rosario  A lady that works there stopped to tell Manuel how much they appreciate José and Rosario – they have to push those heavy trash carts and they work so hard to keep their buildings clean out there.

Ndayisenga We received the following note from the client “One of the ServiceMaster folks found a dollar bill on the floor in my cube.  They attached a note explaining where they found it and put it on my desk.  Very nice! Please share my appreciation!”

Martín We received a special request to clean up a blood spill.  Martín went to take care of it, even though it was a very dirty job and not part of his normal training responsibilities.

Fredis  found a credit card on the 6th floor, we turned it into security.
Fredis found a women’s purse in the 4th floor garbage can next to the elevator in the parking garage.  We reported it and gave it to security, and also received this note from the client, “This is awesome – great work ServiceMaster!”  

David found a pair of glasses and a pen on the 3rd floor by the skywalk to the parking ramp and returned it.

James did extra work cleaning up after some ventilation work was done, and the client was very appreciative. We received the following comments about him,
“Excellent work by all!”
“Awesome. Thanks for sharing.  And, a quick shout-out to ServiceMaster who immediately responded to cleaning up the office space as well!”
“Another example of saving the client $ and good customer service.” 
“Please extend my sincerest thanks to the gentlemen who worked on this.  It turned out to be a much bigger job than anticipated and I sincerely appreciated their effort in resolving it.”

Carmina, Sandra, Karina, Evelyn and James k We had a nasty clean up.  It was a dumpster that overflowed that had food waste from several days on the concrete in 90+ degree weather.  These are the people that helped with clean up.  We received the following note from the client, too.  “This is an outstanding response by your team! Thank you.”

Guadalupe found a purse in the vending area of floor 10. We reported it to security.

María  We received the following note from the client:  “Just wanted to share that María has been doing a great job at our facility!”

 María  We received the following comment from the client, “The gal who cleans the front office area found someone’s purse in our lunchroom and turned it in to us. =) I thanked her, but wanted you to be aware in case you do anything special on your end for this type of thing.”
Flor , Salvador, Ranulfo, Leonidas and Sergio They had a huge problem that Flor had to help with.  They pulled her from her regular tasks to vacuum up insulation that is blowing in through the air diffusers all throughout the building.   She worked on it one day and we got the call the next day to have her go again.   That night, we got a call for our night people to go to the Regency 2 building and clean starting at midnight.  We sent some floaters and Managers to clean all of 3rd floor.  It had been blown down from the roof system and pushing little bits and fragments of itchy insulation all over the building. 

Carl  found a silver Mazda 5 running with the key inside in front the showroom; he shut it off, locked it and put the keys on the new vehicle sales manager’s desk. 
María found a pair of glasses and put them in the new manager’s office.

 María found a set of earrings and turned them in.

María found a ring in the women’s restroom; she put it on the engineers’ office.  
 Marvin found a bracelet and returned it.
Blanca found a watch and turned it in.

María and Guadalupe A lady called Tara to report that these two employees had helped her tremendously the previous day.  The lady had taken her daughter to an eye clinic at the building and when they arrived, the daughter was hysterical, crying, nervous, etc.  María and Guadalupe were nearby, and they went to the girl and comforted her, especially Guadalupe.  Even though they don’t speak any English, they were able to help the girl calm down. The mother was extremely grateful, saying that Guadalupe was like Mother Teresa for her daughter.
María There was a leak on the 2nd floor by the water fountain.  One of the tiles was wet and was falling down so we cleaned up the mess and put a plastic bag there to catch anything else that might happen after we left; she also found a sweater in the atrium so she put it in the engineer’s office.
Oscar found $60 on the ATM machine and turned it in.

Candelario  found a pair of earrings in the south side stairwell and turned them in.
Candelario found a check book in the men’s restroom; he put it in the engineers’ office.
Candelario found a huge check ($236,000) in the mail room and turned it back in to them – it was in a trash can.  The tenant called and left a message.  She was thrilled that he turned that check in; it saved them a lot of time and headache.
Rubén found big ring and turned it in.
Candelario found a ring and returned it.
Elvia found a pair of sunglasses and put them on 2nd floor executive reception desk.
María found a smart phone in the women’s restroom and turned it in.
María found a man’s watch and returned it.

José found an access badge outside by the north side entrance and turned it in.
Juan found a set of keys outside the entrance and turned them in.

Araceli  The elevator was out of order for two days straight, so she took her supplies using the stairs both days.
Estela We received the following note from the client:  “Good Afternoon- Compliments to the cleaning staff! I arrived at work this morning to a happy surprise.  In addition to the night cleaning staff’s always dependable and solid performance in cleaning out my trash cans and vacuuming any muddy tracks, I found a $10 bill laid out in front of my computer screen.  Yesterday I had the $10 in my jacket pocket along with my pass card and my car keys.  I undoubtedly dropped the cash on my office floor, and your staff member looked out for me. Please express my many thanks and tell her I am greatly impressed by her honesty.  I want her to be aware that even though we never see her, she is much appreciated.”
Sergio reported that he got paid 2x for OT, instead of 1.5x.
María One payday, she returned to the office about a ½ hour after picking up her check.  She had been overpaid by approximately $170 – she had gotten 40 hours OT instead of 40 hours normal pay.  She reported it immediately, showing her honesty and integrity.
Benjamin reported that he was overpaid on his check – approximately 4 hours OT and 3 hours regular time. 
Brenda found a new pair of men’s shoes still in the box in the men’s restroom and turned them in.
Brenda and Rafael The building was without power while they were trying to clean one night; they did the best they could do under those circumstances.  They used some form of flash lights inside the spaces to get the trash out and clean the restrooms.
Marta The following note was sent to the property manager,“ I thought you should know that the cleaning people who work in our building are very honest!  I changed clothes in the ladies room on the 2nd floor when I left work last night and accidently left my Dansko shoes in there. I was hoping they would still be there this a.m. and they were - tucked under the counter, out of site. It would have been so easy for someone to just take them but they didn’t. We sometimes are too quick to criticize so I thought you might like a positive response.”
The Property Manager added, “Thank you for sharing that!! ServiceMaster has a great group of people cleaning for us and they will be happy to know about this incident.”

María We received this note from the engineer, “Our dayporter, Teresa is doing a great job, and she never hesitates to help us when we have any problems that come up suddenly. Just want to let you know.”
Gabriela found a cell phone in women’s restroom and turned it in.
Remberto found a cell phone and returned it.
Juana found a cell phone and turned it in.
Nancy We received the following comment, “Love Nancy! Thanks! She is always smiling and happy.”
Héctor and José There was a ceiling leak on the 3rd floor, suite 300.  Some papers had gotten wet.  They moved everything to one side of the desk and placed some plastic bags and a trash can to catch any drips.
Elias found two badges with keys in a trash can and turned them in.
Israel  We received this note, “Please nominate Israel for a Master Moment recognition.  One of our clients, the CEO, really appreciates Israel’s work.  He told me that Israel does a really good job keeping their suite spotless and they really appreciate his hard work.  Bud mentioned Israel by name, as he has been working in their suite for a long time and thinks of him as a good man/hard worker! Kudos to Israel! Thank you.”
Genaro found an access badge and a key and returned them.  
 Dulce found a $20 bill on the floor in a work station.
Leonidas We received the following comment from the client, “He found a briefcase and turned it in to me last night – locked it in my office for safe keeping. Kudos to your crew – please thank your crew for handling this so well. The briefcase has been returned to the owner this morning.  Thank you very much!!”
José León García found an access card on the floor and put it on the reception desk.
Alba We received the following comment from the client after Alba’s first night at that building, “Hi all, I just received a very nice complement on Alba's cleaning last night. Please let her know we appreciate it! Thanks!”
María We have received several good comments from the client lately about María’s work, including a letter they mailed to us.  Also, Mabel received a call from the client, who called to pay a compliment to María, our dayporter.  She said that every month she has a meeting with 35 people and they love to come to the building because the bathrooms and the area where they meet are always clean.  They appreciate María because she is always friendly and courteous; she does an excellent job.   She wants to thank ServiceMaster for the excellent service we provide through our employees.   
“I wanted to take a moment to pay a compliment.  Can you pass it along to the appropriate person? Elvira, our ServiceMaster cleaning staff, always has a smiling face on to greet us in the morning.  She does a great job keeping this place looking its best.  From the atrium to the restrooms, she works hard every day to make sure everything looks its best. Our building houses a variety of non-profit agencies and we have many visitors coming and going every day.  Elvira is very helpful in to people who are in the building, which reflects positively on our agency. Thank you for employing such a hard worker.  We enjoy having her as part of our team.”
Carlos, Gabriela and Marina One night during an electrical storm, the power went out.  The engineer told our cleaners they might as well go home but Carlos and Gabriela stayed to do trash.  Then at 7:00, the lights and power came back on so they finished the night.
Fredy found a gold necklace under an office chair; he put it in an envelope and left it on her keyboard.
Reynaldo On his 4th night after being re-hired, he found the vault open at night; he called Manuel, who went to the building and called the emergency contact person.  They were very appreciative. 
Carlos found a book of checks in the lobby and returned them. 
Víctor The engineer called to say that he is very pleased with Víctor’s work. He had to stop what he was doing to go clean out and unplug a drain full of paper towels with a wet dry vac; he really appreciated Víctor’s willingness.

Alma The engineer is very happy with the new Dayporter, Alma Torres.  On one of her first days of work, she came to him asking what she should do about a stopped up toilet.  She said she had already used a plunger on it 5 times.  In the end, he discovered that someone had wrapped up a syringe in toilet paper and tried to flush it down the toilet.  He said Alma’s proactive thinking helped save him from having a huge problem to solve.
Alma and Ramírez We received the following note from the client, “Just another note to tell you how well your two staff perform their job in this building. I travel all over this place all the time and I go into the restrooms and they are consistently in very good shape. They really are very uneventful. They both have given me permission to carry their phone numbers on my cell phone, and when I need help, I call them and ask for their help and they both take care of the issue, with not one compliant. Between the three of us we take care of concerns and get on our way. Víctor is very good to the new staff; Alma and Víctor have good people skills. People comment on his friendly demeanor and it shows up in his work. I know I am not their supervisor, but notice good things when they happen and those two are good.  I know if they call me for help, I would do anything I could to help both of them, in return.”
Francisco found a little purse and turned it in.
Mery found $11 and turned it in to security – it was her 1st night on the job.
Javier found a $20 bill on the floor in a cubicle. We put it under the keyboard.  The next morning, we received the following comment from the engineer, “Good Morning, Tara, I am so proud of Javier!!!! I went to the lady’s desk and asked her to lift her keyboard up and she did and she was so pleased that someone would find $20 and put it under her keyboard. She was soooo happy.  Yesterday she was trying to help someone out with a money issue and she did help and ended up losing $20. Then Javier finds it and puts it somewhere, where it could be found. My hat’s off to Javier.  The lady said "an event like this restores my faith in people." She thanked me and I told her I was not the one to be thanking, so I told her I would drop you note. Please share if possible.”

 Reyna found an earring and a bracelet and turned them in.

Fredy found an employee access badge on first floor between the revolving door and the elevator.   We turned to the security desk.

 Carmina We received this from the client “I’ve had a number of compliments about the performance of Carmina at the University Wells Fargo site. She does an exceptional job!”
Chung found a diamond by someone’s desk and returned it.  We received the following comment from the client, “Greetings: Please see the below e-mail and extend my thanks to your staff. It’s not too often we hear good news. Great Job! Keep up the good job!”
“When I got home last night I noticed I had lost a diamond (more sentimental than valuable).  When I came in this morning the diamond was sitting on my desk.  I am usually one of the last to go home so I am sure the cleaning crew placed it there for me to see.  I really appreciate it. I’m not sure who to send this to but usually your team only hears about problems. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!  It’s been a grace-filled day already!”
Reyna  found a lunch cooler in the break room and returned it.  
Jaime found a $20 bill in the hallway and returned it – he had only been working for us about 10 days at the time.

Veronica found $20 and returned it.  We received the following note from the client, “To whoever found the $20 in my trash and was kind enough to return the money – THANK YOU! It is so appreciative to have such honest people working in our office.  Actually it’s nice to know there are honest persons around period!  I had taken money out to see if I had change as I had bought lunch for my team that day and must have dropped $20 in the trash. Can you please be sure whoever turned in the cash knows how appreciative I am of their returning the money. THANK YOU!”

Rich found a $2,000 check on the floor by the cubicles behind the main reception desk.  He left it on the reception desk in that building with a note.
Divino found a ring in the showroom and returned it.  

Víctor found a memory card on the floor in the office area behind the receptionist area.
Víctor found a wallet in the waiting area.  He put it on the receptionist desk with a note.

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