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Green Cleaning Services forHealthcare Facilitiesin Des Moines, IA

Healthcare cleaning is all about the well-being of people. The manner in which a healthcare facility is cleaned and the green cleaning products selected to do the job are vital components in creating a healing environment for patients and a healthy one for staff and visitors. That is why ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines is your first choice for clinic and hospital cleaning in the Des Moines area.

Cleaning products are a major contributor to indoor air quality issues in closed environments like healthcare facilities. But powerful disinfectants and clean surfaces are a must for infection control. ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines’ green cleaning process uses less-harmful, green products while also meeting the highest standards of hospital-approved disinfectant cleaning.

According to Hospitals for a Healthy Environment, “Using third-party environmental certification such as Green Seal takes a lot of the guess-work out of product selection. Third party certification provides assurance that a product has been independently tested and found to meet criteria which verifiably reduce its negative environmental and health impact. Hospitals for a Healthy Environment is part of a nonprofit membership organization, Practice Greenhealth, that was founded on the principles of positive environmental stewardship and best practices by organizations in the healthcare community.

ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines’ hospital cleaning methods and products are Green Seal-certified. That makes ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines the cleaning company of choice for any central Iowa healthcare facility that wants to take the absolute best care of both its patients and the environment. A medical facility that goes with ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines is contracting with a company that meets the highest standards of clinic and hospital cleaning services in the industry, all in an environmentally friendly manner.

Green Seal’s GS-42 certifies green cleaning programs that protect human health and the environment. The standard requires use of green chemicals, supplies and equipment by the service provider. The provider also must strictly follow green cleaning procedures and protocols while conducting continued employee education and training. Green Seal conducts on-site audits that verify compliance with its standards to maintain Green Seal certification.

ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines has professional cleaning teams that have been trained and certified in healthcare cleaning Level 1 (doctor and dental offices, professional and educational healthcare buildings, and behavioral health centers) and Level 2 (operating rooms). We follow all of the strict operational cleaning procedures for both levels.

Your patients expect the healthcare you provide to be the best available. Why should you accept anything less than the best from your building cleaning and maintenance service provider? Call us todayto get started.

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