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Carpet Cleaning for Healthcare Facilities in Des Moines, IA

April 12th, 2017 · No Comments

Millions of Americans take the time to get their annual flu shots, especially when they hear of a new or particularly nasty strain making its way around. If you run a healthcare facility in Des Moines, IA, however, you know that any bug making the rounds is dangerous for your patients and staff. While many people think of the flu as a problem only during the winter months, there are strains of flu that can exist and continue infecting large numbers of people well into the spring months.

One way to help protect you indoor environment from nasty viruses is by utilizing regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning as it does so much more to protect your patients than just simply vacuuming. Some strains of the flu virus can survive for up to 12 hours on porous surfaces, and even longer on carpet fibers. That means a flu virus could potentially be lurking in your waiting room, lobby, or treatment room, ready to infect your patients and staff. The flu can hit the elderly and immune compromised especially hard, leading to severe complications, or even death.

Eliminating the ability of a virus to live in the carpet of your healthcare facility is extremely important. Our patented Capture and Removal Cleaning® system of high-filtration vacuums capable of capturing 99.9% of filth and particulates, along with our Green For® products, combine to kill and eradicate flu viruses that lurk in the carpeting of your facility. Our advanced green carpet cleaning removes dirt, dust, salt, mites, insects and other bacteria that lurks in the carpeting.

The staff at ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines will be happy to help you determine a carpet cleaning schedule that matches the needs of your facility and your budget. In keeping with our commitment to the earth, you can be assured that all our cleaning products are Green Seal-certified as well.  To find out more about our professional carpet cleaning for your facility in Des Moines, IA, contact us at (515) 255-7775.


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