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Importance of Green Cleaning for Your Business in Des Moines, IA

March 15th, 2017 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning your Des Moines, IA, business this spring, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing it in the most efficient and safest way possible. Oftentimes, that means opting for professional green cleaning solutions in order to protect your employees and customers from dangerous chemicals in your business.

Why is it important to move away from traditional, chemical-based cleaning into green cleaning? Let’s take a look:

  • Anti-Antibacterial: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently verified that antibacterial products, such as soaps or hand sanitizers, actually have a number of negative side effects that damage hormone levels and thyroids. Rather than expose your business to antibacterial cleaners, opt for professional green cleaning!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Traditional cleaners are full of chemicals that can have lasting effects, not only on those in your business, but the environment. You may already be doing your part by using environmentally friendly business practices, and reaping the rewards. Why not take your green business practices a step further with professional green cleaning?
  • Healthier Space: By opting for green cleaning solutions instead of traditional chemical cleaners, you’ll have cleaner surfaces and air inside your Des Moines, IA, business. Your employees and customers will be at a lower risk of developing common colds or asthma, which have been linked to chemical-based cleaning sprays.
  • Ingredient Wise: If you take the time to check labels on your food, why not check the labels on your cleaning products? Though traditional chemical cleaners are full of things you can’t pronounce, green cleaning solutions have recognizable, safe ingredients for you and your business.

Looking to make your Des Moines, IA, business especially clean this spring? Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Green. We are certified in green cleaning practices and will get your business just as clean as if we were using traditional cleaners. Green cleaning is a business choice you can feel good about.

With the folks at ServiceMaster Green, you can get your business safely green cleaned. Contact us today!


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