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Commercial Cleaning in Des Moines, IA, with ServiceMaster Green

March 8th, 2017 · No Comments

Excellence in commercial janitorial services should be measured by the value it brings to your investment in your business and the appearance of that business when you open up in the morning. In Des Moines, IA, as in surrounding communities, much stock is placed on the efficiency and orderliness of retail businesses and professional offices. The right commercial cleaning service will help you attain that look of order and translate “clean” into positive perceptions about your operation. In Des Moines, IA, that professional janitorial service is ServiceMaster Green.

We provide a full range of commercial cleaning services and whatever you need on a level and schedule that meets your business and budget needs. In addition to scheduled carpet cleaning and hard surface floor cleaning, plus the regular janitorial aspects of trash removal and cleaning those frequently touched surfaces, we clean what some don’t. That includes light fixtures and hard-to-reach acoustic ceiling tile.

And, yes, we do windows! Window cleaning is both a skill and an art. We don’t shy away from it because we know it’s one of the most important cleaning requirements for any commercial or business setting. People look into windows to see products, activity, and staff. A clean window is one of the oldest marketing tools. If your windows are dirty, your products are hard to see, there’s nothing to catch someone’s interest, and people may assume that the rest of your business is as poorly maintained as your windows.

We also clean walls, window treatments, upholstery, office furniture, office systems, plus perform HVAC vent cleaning. It’s especially important to keep your office as clean and sanitized as possible during the winter months to prevent the spread of colds and flu, as illnesses and absenteeism translate into work time lost and delays in production.

Value is the sum of all benefits compared to your investment. At ServiceMaster Green, we believe our commercial cleaning services give you and your Des Moines, IA, business the best value for your investment. Call us today at (515) 255-7775.


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