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Standard Procedures for Healthcare Cleaning in Des Moines, IA

January 5th, 2017 · No Comments

Healthcare cleaning is a serious business in Des Moines, IA, and one that ServiceMaster Green is proud to offer. A reputable healthcare cleaning service strives to reduce the transmission of pathogens in a sterile setting. If an operating room is not sterile, a patient’s life could be put at risk, and it also creates the potential for lawsuits against a facility. The CDC, JCAHO, and HIPAA provide standardized guidelines to ensure best practices, and ServiceMaster Green follows them all.


 Operating room cleaning should be done daily. 

  • The staff cleaning the facility is required to wear hair caps, masks, gloves, shoe covers, and goggles
  • All surfaces are cleaned to CDC guidelines. This includes all horizontal and vertical surfaces, operating tables, and counters
  • Cleaning supplies used will vary, but may include high dusters, microfiber cleaning cloths, grout brushes, and scouring pads
  • All walls are wiped down top to bottom
  • Special attention is given to prevent co-mingling of rinse rags and change clothes to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Cleaning of all equipment, with careful attention paid to delicate equipment
  • Wall panels, ducts, air intakes, and imaging equipment is sterilized
  • Windows, door hardware, and any stainless-steel surface is cleaned, sanitized, and shined
  • Trash bins cleaned, sanitized, and liners replaced
  • Floors swept or vacuumed and washed with a properly mixed germicide solution
  • Staff will dispose of cleaning materials in the appropriate manner, wash hands, and dispose of any trash
  • An inspection is conducted by the healthcare cleaning service manager

At ServiceMaster Green, we take healthcare cleaning very seriously and understand that this is a critical component to your patient care and health. All our Des Moines area facilities are serviced by a staff that understands the needs of the healthcare community, and our commitment to using greener products also extends to our healthcare cleaning services whenever possible. Reducing VOCs and harsh chemicals while keeping to CDC standards is our specialty.

For more detailed information on how ServiceMaster Green can assist with your healthcare cleaning in Des Moines, contact us at (515) 255-7775.


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