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Dirt in Your Des Moines, IA, Office Have You Climbing the Walls? We Can Help with Commercial Cleaning!

November 10th, 2016 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning your office, we can provide the expected commercial cleaning services for our Des Moines, IA, area companies. Floor cleaning, sanitizing surfaces, carpet cleaning, and vacuuming break rooms and bathrooms are all tasks included in our service. But there’s another component to cleaning commercial businesses that can often be overlooked: cleaning your walls.

While they may not show dirt as easily as a flat surface that you work on every day, such as your desk, walls are often textured and hold tiny particles of dust that will turn to grime over time. So even though at first glance your walls don’t seem outwardly dirty like a bathroom can, dirty and dusty walls can give an overall appearance of “shabbiness” to a room. Your company has probably put a lot of care into the aesthetics of the office, choosing the right colors and complementary furniture to give off the corporate vibe. You know the value of keeping the lobby looking great, the carpets cleaned, and the look of the office fresh. But add in a few greasy fingerprints around light switches and a stray cobweb in a corner and suddenly it’s all the customer waiting in the lobby can see.

In addition to making the place look great, a cleaning of your walls will improve the overall health and sanitation in your office. Throughout the day, your HVAC system is pumping out recycled air that can contain allergens, pollens, and pollutants. When those pollutants land on the micro surfaces of your walls (usually in high or low areas), an almost sticky surface forms. Add in some fingerprints and dead skin cells, and suddenly you’ve got a nasty mix of sticky and dirty walls that can make the place look drab and closed in.

How often do you need to have your walls cleaned? It depends on the facility, on the kind of foot traffic, and on what is housed in your commercial building. Drywall, wallpaper, and even painted surfaces can benefit from a commercial cleaning and we are happy to help you form a plan for cleaning your walls.  For some clients, this is done at every cleaning, others opt to do it monthly or quarterly. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that we’re using our patented microfiber technology to capture and remove dirt, dust, and debris. This attention will help keep your walls looking bright, protect your investment, and allow you to repaint or repair your wall coverings less often.

Our qualified commercial cleaning services will pay attention to your Des Moines, IA, facility’s needs by improving the look of your walls and more! Contact us at (515) 255-7775.


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