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Commercial Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Des Moines

July 6th, 2016 · No Comments

Hard surface flooring may seem to be an easier solution in your business or commercial space in Des Moines because of the ease of clean ups and the fact that it doesn’t have to be replaced every few years like carpeting. However, hard surface floors can show wear and aging just like carpeting when not properly maintained. It’s important that you schedule periodic maintenance from a professional hard surface floor cleaning specialist like ServiceMaster Green to keep your investment looking great.

The abrasive elements of dirt, grime, and dust that are brought into your office daily can dull the finish of the floor. Every day your floors will suffer small dents, nicks, and take the brunt of spills. Over time, the finish will wear down, with high traffic areas showing the worst of the wear first. Take a look around your office space. Do the nooks and crannies of the office where people rarely walk look shiny, while the high traffic areas seems scuffed and lackluster? If this is left unchecked, the finish in the high traffic areas will continue to degrade, and you could find yourself with flooring that can’t be restored. The results of this will leave you with the choice of spending money on cleaning floors that will never look properly clean, or replacing the entire flooring.

Clean, great looking floors do more than make an impression on customers and staff. They actually enhance the look of the building and provide a cleaner and safer environment. ServiceMaster Green sets the gold standard for cleaner, greener cleaning methods in our hard surface floor cleaning, and we have been helping Des Moines area businesses look and feel great about their floors since 1980. A cleaner environment reduces employee sick days and increases productivity. Simply put, green cleaning is the best choice for the bottom line of any business. You won’t find a more dedicated staff in the area, and our knowledge and passion for environmentally safe cleaning methods is unparalleled.

Hard surface floor cleaning should be viewed as an investment to protect the lifespan of your flooring. We can work with you to form a schedule that meets your needs, keep your floors looking great, and provide a cleaner, greener workspace for your employees. Contact us today to get a personalized quote at 515-255-7775.


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