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June School Cleaning in Des Moines IA

June 29th, 2016 · No Comments

The last school bell has rung in Des Moines, IA. The playground balls have been put away for the summer, the kids have gone, and your teachers are on a break, so now is the time for school cleaning! If your university, high school, elementary school, or daycare facility is in need of some deep cleaning before the students come back to work and play, ServiceMaster Green can help!

We specialize not only in school cleaning but sanitizing them with the safest green chemicals available. With our microfiber capture and remove technology and chemicals that do less harm, we’ll help you get ready for the next session or school year. Because our system captures and removes particulates, your school will be clean and free of harmful VOC’s, bacteria, dirt, and grime.

When we focus on the classroom we concentrate on cleaning high-touch areas as well as the general surfaces. Desks, computers, light fixtures; anything more than one student may be utilizing are considered high-touch and need special attention and sanitizing.  Beyond the classroom we can clean lockers, bathrooms, public showers, water fountains, and more.
If you have a childcare facility, sanitizing is even more important as small children often use their mouths as a learning tool. Our use of safe and green chemicals means you won’t have to worry about children ingesting harmful disinfectants or getting ill from fumes. This is especially important for any child that suffers from asthma.

Our trained technicians can work with any schedule that works for your facility. If you have a short break time at your university, we can utilize that time to ensure the cleaning is done in an efficient manner before faculty and students arrive for your next term. We’re available to help with any kind of school cleaning and sanitation services you may need in the Greater Des Moines area. Contact us to find out more about what green cleaning can do for your school.


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