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Green School Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing in Des Moines, IA

January 31st, 2016 · No Comments

Hundreds of kids gather every day in our Des Moines, IA schools to begin their day of learning. They are our hope for the future and our most prized asset! However, wherever children gather, so do bacteria and viruses. It is so important to invest in an effective school cleaning solution in order to ensure that their school remains a clean, safe, and healthy place.

Schools come in a wide range of sizes and types. Preschools, childcare centers, high schools, and universities all have specific cleaning needs. Unlike other commercial and residential cleaning services, schools may require daily cleaning. The importance of regularly cleaning and disinfecting common areas in order to limit exposure to germs cannot be understated. Students miss about 12.8 million school days annually because of asthma and asthma-related issues alone. ServiceMaster Green is committed to a cleaner and greener place for our children to spend their days in.

So what constitutes the green school cleaning service we provide to our schools?

  1. Cleaning-Cleaning an area is simply the removal of debris, dirt, or dust. Our proprietary green cleaning system removes allergens and microorganisms, which helps improve the health of the building’s occupants. Cleaning is suitable for areas where pathogens are unlikely to be transferred, such as floors or walls.
  2. Sanitizing-Surfaces that come in contact with food such as in the school cafeteria or in common eating areas should be sanitized Sanitizing reduces bacteria on the surface but does not kill viruses or fungi.
  3. Disinfecting– Disinfectants kill viruses and fungi such as those that cause the flu. We use only green certified disinfecting agents because we believe that they are better for the children and for the environment while still helping to eliminate pathogens that can cause serious illness. We disinfect high traffic surfaces such as desks, door knobs, and countertops.

ServiceMaster Green works with each of our learning institutes to create a customized plan for school cleaning services in Des Moines, IA on either daily, weekly, or monthly schedules to maintain the health of the building and of the children and staff it holds. We are committed to healthy schools! Call us at 515-225-7775 for your customized quote today.


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