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Office Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Des Moines Business Looking Great

May 7th, 2015 · No Comments

To be successful in your business endeavors, it’s important to put on your best face, especially when it comes to keeping your office clean. Employees will feel comfortable and safe as they work, while customers or clients will be impressed from the moment they step through the door. If you don’t currently have an office cleaning service for your Des Moines, IA business, spring is a great time to consider adding a commercial cleaning team to your budget. Hiring an outside company to clean your office may even save you money in the long run.

Reduced Workplace Accidents
Trash, supplies, and other work materials can quickly pile up in a business environment. By the time Friday finally rolls around, these items could cause slips, trips, or a fall – something we would all rather avoid! Daily or weekly janitorial services can help keep your space neat and organized, reducing potential hazards.

Less Absenteeism
Thoroughly cleaning common areas like bathrooms, kitchenettes, and break rooms, can help control the spread of germs throughout your workplace. A professional cleaning service will ensure that shared surfaces and appliances are disinfected and sanitized. Reduced exposure to germs will help keep employees healthy and working at full efficiency, something no business-owner can afford to lose!

Protecting Assets
The appliances and flooring in your office are some of the largest investments that your business can make, besides your employees. Regular maintenance, such as deep carpet cleaning or thorough cleanings, will keep everything looking great and operating efficiently. The cost of maintaining your assets, when compared to the price of replacement, is far less.

Keeping Business
When potential clients walk through your doors, a clean, sparkling office will immediately make them feel at home and ready to talk business. A good first impression goes a long way, and that starts before they even meet you! Immaculate waiting rooms and entryways will set you up for success starting at step one.

Sometimes, office cleaning extends beyond the amount of time you have in a work week. A team of professional cleaners, like those at ServiceMaster Green, can help you tackle the toughest jobs. Our technicians are expertly trained to provide you with the best janitorial services in the area, especially concentrating on green cleaning to keep both your building and the environment healthy. Contact ServiceMaster Green for office cleaning services in Des Moines, IA today!


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