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Put a Spotlight on Spring with ServiceMaster Green’s SpotLight Carpet Cleaning Program in Des Moines, IA!

March 15th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Green provides carpet cleaning in Des Moines, IA and surrounding areas

As this winter progressed you may have observed the gradual decline of your carpet’s appearance in your home or business. Unfortunately, this observation is not an enjoyable one, as it means there is dirt, mud, snow, salt, sand, ice melt and a wide variety of outdoor contaminants on your carpets. As the seasons change, there will be more carpet stains yet to come which leaves many business owners wondering “How can I keep-up with keeping these carpets clean?” Fortunately for your business, ServiceMaster Green offers the SpotLight Carpet Care Program, a monthly Des Moines, IA carpet cleaning program tailored to your specific carpet cleaning needs.

It is very common for most businesses to clean carpets one to two times per year while also paying attention to the spots that visibly need carpet cleaning attention. Though this shows impressive effort to keep carpets fresh and clean, ServiceMaster Green recommends monthly cleaning to eliminate the opportunity for soil to build up in carpets where cleaning is neglected, or where carpets have been matted down from overuse. With SpotLight Programmed Carpet Care, soil build-up and matted carpets will be prevented, which will increase both the life of your carpets and the impression your carpets make on your customers or visitors.

Why should you choose the ServiceMaster Clean® SpotLight Carpet Care Program?

• Monthly carpet cleaning maintains a high-level appearance
• Extended carpet life
• Fixed monthly payments no matter the type of carpet cleaning needed
• ServiceMaster Clean® has been cleaning carpets for more than 50 years
• ServiceMaster Clean® works closely with carpet mills and manufacturers
• ServiceMaster Clean® maintains its own research and development and manufacturing facilities to ensure high quality products and carpet cleaning services

To eliminate neglected carpets or inconsistent carpet cleaning patterns, sign up for SpotLight Programmed Carpet Care today. With ServiceMaster Green’s committed, dedicated, and highly-trained carpet cleaning technicians. As a result, your carpet’s life will be extended and your customers and visitors will be impressed with your ability to combat the environmental elements. If you have a facility in the Des Moines area and need your carpets cleaned, contact ServiceMaster Green today!


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