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Clean Floors Create the Best First Impression of Your Business

February 28th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Des Moines, IA by ServiceMaster Green

First Impressions
You only have seven seconds to make a strong first impression when you first meet someone. The same can be said about your building. What do your customers, clients or patients see when they first enter your facility? Do they see a worn, lifeless carpet? Even worse, stains everywhere? Or do they see clean floors that sparkle and shine?  Whether it’s fair or not, first impressions of your building can positively or negatively impact your business. Regular maintenance of your hard surface floors and carpeting will both help you protect your investment and give your customers a positive first impression of your building and your business, and a professional carpet cleaning in your Des Moines office building can help with that.

Regular Maintenance Programs
Whether your commercial flooring is carpeted or has hard surface flooring, or both, accumulations of dust and dirt or scratched and dull floors are unsightly and give the impression of a poorly maintained facility. Our Specialty Services team can cater to your building’s hard surface needs by doing anything from a one time machine scrub to a strip and refinish or schedule your facility to be put on a recurring maintenance program. Our Commercial Carpet team can do a one-time carpet cleaning as well as schedule your facility to be a part of our “Spotlight” carpet care program.

How We Can Help
At ServiceMaster Green, we are experts in commercial carpet cleaning in Des Moines. We specialize in using green cleaning techniques. Contact us today and learn how we can help you maintain your floors and make that first impression to your customers the best possible!


One response to “Clean Floors Create the Best First Impression of Your Business”

  1. Impress Your Clients With Best Commercial Cleaning Services says:

    Yeah! I am totally agreed with you. Commercial Cleaning Services are must to be hired to impress the clients in their first visits.

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