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What You Can Expect from ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines

All companies’ today talk about being a partner but at ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines it is more than just a buzz word. It represents our commitment to first seek to understand your unique business needs, develop a customized approach, and consistently follow up to exceed your expectations. ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines is here to serve you and we will do so by living our company values.

One of the fears many new customers have is a result of their past experience with switching service providers. The first several weeks are often laced with mistakes, missed areas, incomplete work and the facility manager is bombarded with complaint calls from the occupants of the facility. We prepare thoroughly to avoid such a mishap and have designed a system that successfully eliminates that fear and improves the quality of cleaning from the very first day we begin our service.

During and after the sales process, our Green Team will begin meeting with you to walk through your building(s), learn about your distinct needs, document any special requirements, and begin formulating the most efficient method to care for your facilities. We will talk with you about your specific security and safety needs. We will introduce you to your dedicated point of contact as we believe it is important to establish a positive relationship right from the beginning. You’ll meet several members of the operations team who will have direct accountability for your building.

As service begins, we will review the quality of our work on a regularly scheduled basis. The quality review process, based on Six Sigma principles, is called P.A.C.T. (Plan, Act, Communicate and Track). We’ll walk the facility to evaluate our work and touch base with you, if you’re available, to insure your complete satisfaction. If at any time we fall below the highest standard, the issue will be acted on and often resolved that same day. Communication will happen real-time and be followed up with in writing.

A couple of examples of our work include: a new contract with a large national seed company consisting of over 750,000 square feet in 30 buildings including labs, greenhouses, executive office space and equipment repair facilities spread out over a ten mile radius. Because of our advance preparation, we completed our first day of service as if we had been there for months without a single complaint. Another new contract with a large insurance provider consisted of 1.5 million square feet of buildings connected by tunnels and skywalks requiring five teams and fifty employees all starting the same night. Again, we completed our first night of work within an hour of our scheduled time and had fewer than 5 small issues to resolve or clarify.

Our management ratio is nearly 1 supervisor for every 3 cleaners. That is unheard of in the industry and yet we believe it is a key element to our success. When you need us, you can trust that we will be there to take care of it. We also have a team of dedicated training staff who are working every night with our staff to instruct and insure our team members have the latest knowledge and skills needed to serve you.

If this isn’t the level of service you’re used to receiving, then give ServiceMaster Green of Des Moines a call today.

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