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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

We are a diverse team of commercial cleaning professionals committed to honoring God in the development of one another with a united purpose of unselfishly serving others.

Our Values

God Honoring

Unselfish Service:
We recognize the God given value of all people by demonstrating love for our community through the unselfish service of one another.

We are committed to uncompromised integrity in the pursuit of relationships built on trust.

Environmentally Responsible:
We are committed to values that embody the spirit of environmental stewardship which define our responsibility to properly care for all God has created.

Develop People

Developing our Employees:
We are committed to the development of each individuals God given talents for the betterment of the team as a whole. We are responsible as a company to put forth the time and effort required to help each individual be their true and best self as they serve and contribute to the well being of others.

Developing Teamwork:
We are committed to developing teamwork that encourages diverse strengths and talents with united values for the purpose of delivering exceptional, dependable and consistent service to others. We are committed to teamwork as a company because we can offer more to our community collectively than we can individually.

Excel with Customers

Excel in Knowledge:
We are committed to continued growth in our knowledge and expertise, focused on the areas of importance to our customers.

Excel in Value:
We will continually bring value added, new and innovative industry developments that will demonstrate our commitment to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Responsible Growth

Stability for Our Employees:
We seek to provide continuing developmental opportunities for our employees and job stability in any economic environment.

Stability for Our Customers:
We are committed to forming strong partnerships with our customers through the responsible expansion of our service offerings to remain stable and strong in any economic environment.

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